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Artist Statement

My choice to go with portraits and African landscapes was a pure coincidence, which eventually flourished into passion and led me to the art of photography. Africa enchanted me with its unique colour palette, pristine nature, raw wisdom and wild side. It never bores me to discover new angles of this continent.

Character, beauty, diversity that what attract me to wild animals. I am aiming to capture their individualism, little things that make them special: A glance recalling one of a human being, posture, movement that makes them different from their family. It makes me happy to catch and show their emotions. Just like us they can be sad, compassionate,  supportive or foolish.

In my portraits I look for and research symbols of eternal beauty, spirit of freedom and Mother Nature’s endless wisdom. These things make you forget about fuss of everyday life and understand things that matter: Beauty and true power of a moment.

      Anton Lyalin


   Gallery in Moscow, Russia - Lumiere Photo Gallery

   Gallery in Hong Kong - Picture this Gallery

  Gallery in USA

         Sohn Fine Art  Gallery





Born February 19, 1972, Sochi, Russia

1991:  Saint-Petersburg Maritime College
    1994:  Settles in Moscow
    2001:  Moscow State University of Economics
    2006: Professionally involved in Fine Art Photography

2010: starts solo shows and gallery representation

2012: prints enter the fund of russian museum st. petersburg